The renovated Town Hall of Santomera, ready for spring - La Opinion de Murcia

2022-07-30 01:21:17 By : Ms. Tina Tang

Follow us on social networks:News saved in your profileThe mayor of Santomera has visited the building works together with the technicians who are supervising the works LOThe Santomera Town Hall will look like new from next spring, when the works for its rehabilitation, which began on June 20, have been completed.The works, awarded for an amount of 787,476.47 euros to Smart Heritage - a company specializing in this type of intervention - will make it possible to correct the serious damage to the historic construction, both in its structure and, very especially, in its roofs, and will serve also to adapt it to the functional and regulatory requirements of a public building for modern and efficient administrative use.Villa Merceditas, the name by which this old stately villa was known to previous generations, is one of the buildings with the greatest heritage and sentimental value in the municipality.Its construction dates from the first third of the 20th century and it has 585 square meters spread over two floors and a tower.It has served as the seat of local government since 1980, when it was acquired by the newly constituted City Hall –Santomera achieved its independence in September 1978–, until February of last year, when it was evicted for security reasons, given the dilapidated state of the their roofs.The staff and services that were located here have been temporarily transferred to the Casa del Huerto.The centennial Casa Ayuntamiento de Santomera is inventoried by the Historical Heritage Service of the Region of Murcia and protected by the PGMO.Punished by the passage of time, it currently presents diverse and important pathologies, structural damages -significantly, on the roofs, with the danger of collapsing-, lack of adaptation in the facilities, accessibility and safety problems, humidity, deteriorated finishes and serious functional deficiencies that make intervention necessary and urgent.The project undertaken will allow the building to be structurally rehabilitated by reinforcing the slabs and renovating the sloping roofs, repairing the load-bearing walls affected by cracks and fissures, and installing a sanitary slab that prevents damp.Under the premise of preserving the historical authenticity of the building as much as possible, the façades, cladding elements, carpentry and interior ornamentation –hydraulic flooring, canvases, moldings and coffered ceilings, among others– will also be restored and their elements will be valued. unique assets.Enjoy all the newsNews saved in your profileNews saved in your profileNews saved in your profileNews saved in your profile© The Opinion of Murcia, SA All rights reserved