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2022-06-25 02:10:17 By : Ms. Alice Lou

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Salta reported that two men and two women were arrested yesterday in the framework of the criminal case in which irregularities committed through the financial company Ríos & Asociados are being investigated, which already has 21 other people charged, including several policemen.As officially reported, prosecutor Ana Inés Salinas Odorisio, from the Complex Economic Crimes Unit (UDEC), investigated new complaints and requested the search of five homes located in the city of Salta, San José de Metán, El Galpón and La Merced. .In these procedures, which began the day before yesterday afternoon, the new detainees were apprehended.In addition, documentation was seized.The operations were requested and authorized by the judge of Guarantees 1 of the South judicial district, Mario Teseyra.In one case, the complaint filed in the Office of Orientation and Complaints of the Public Prosecutor's Office, maintained that a police officer who worked in the UER Sector Administrative Coordination Center Directorate (national background) was involved in the maneuver attributed to Rivers & Associates.The MPF indicated that the UDEC verified that this agent, indeed, "had a share in collecting money to inject it into Ríos & Asociados and that he also charged a percentage for it."This policeman was one of those the day before yesterday at his home in Villa Primavera, in the city of Salta, and yesterday he was charged with repeated fraud, falsifying a private instrument, and illicit association.In the other locations, the other man and the two women were arrested.The three were transferred yesterday to the General Mayor's Office of the Province, located in the Judicial City, and today they would be subjected to the formal imputation hearing.This investigation has been ongoing since last March.Another 21 people have already been charged, 15 of them were detained in mid-April.The investigation determined that Ríos y Asociados offered participation in investment operations on social networks promising significant profits in the short term, with recoveries in 15, 30 or 60 days. To participate, investors signed an investment contract with the financial company.Those documents included the Ríos & Asociados logo, a CUIT number and the name of a lawyer.But the investigators established that the company did not have a legal existence in the province, the CUIT belongs to a company dedicated to the real estate business that is based in Buenos Aires, and the lawyer who appeared as a representative of the financial company did not have registration in the province either.In addition, the lawyer, who lives in Buenos Aires, was not even aware that his name was being used by the financial company and verified that the inserted signature was false.At the Salta Bar Association, it was confirmed that the registration number assigned to him in the documents belonged to a professional discharged in 2007.As reported at the time by the prosecutor Salinas Odorisio, the finance company began operating in June 2021 in Metán and later opened a branch in the capital of Salta."Since the beginning, it moved, approximately, a capital of 2,219,000,000 pesos and 3,265,280 dollars," she detailed.With the new raids, a total of 31 were carried out.Until April 9, when they had carried out 21 raids, $23,213,960 had been seized;$60,388;12 cars;7 vans and 2 motorcycles, many of these high-end vehicles;in addition to green certificates, parcel certificates, cell phones and recently acquired real estate.4,529 contracts were also seized and up to mid-April 1,739 people had been counted as having invested in the financial company.Of the total involved in this process, there are 25 people with the four added in the new procedures, 10 belong to the Provincial Police: two commissioners, two main officers, one corporal, four non-commissioned officers are charged and now the new defendant is added , whose range did not transcend.It is because you are interested in rigorous information, because you value having another look beyond the daily bombardment of the vast majority of the media.Page/12 has a commitment of more than 30 years with her and counts on you to renew it every day.I defended the other look.Between December 2020 and 2021, based on data collected from 185 countriesThe agency released a disbursement of 4.1 billion dollarsHours after the Court announced the annulment of the Roe v.WadeAfter the meeting in Río Cuarto with the most concentrated sectors of the agro-industryThe political responsibilities and the cover-up that made historyFor the first time in three decadesGermán Castelli, magistrate of the court that has the cause of the NotebooksPrivate estimates say it will continue to start with number fiveThey talked for more than two hoursThe informal currency reached 226 pesosHe argued that without the roadblocks the situation would be even better.A witness mentioned another alleged abuse of the soccer playerThe Front of All presented in the Buenos Aires Legislature a billRejection and criticism from social organizations and the political sphereThe National Assembly agreed to debate his dismissal.Interview with the former candidate for the vice presidency of Brazil"It is inadmissible to take the life of this defenseless being!"The opposition leader joins the "Great National Agreement" called by the president-electThe singer gave a brief but forceful showA bill advances to settle an outstanding debtThe singer presents the expanded version of her album "Ontology"During 2021, 20 percent of the national films released were directed by womenThey tied 1-1 at the Florencio Sola stadium for the fifth dateThe Rosario team lost to the Platenses with a new coachUriarte won the elections against Arechabaleta, who had promised the return of DT from RosarioThe club had been sanctioned for economic problemsThousands of hectares of garments burn in a fire with a high environmental costHow is the latest technology to fully experience the next World Cup“The theater gives me life, I needed to receive a direct response from the public”Federal Prosecutor Villate denounced the communal president of ClasonJavkin received Patricia Bullrich at the MunicipalityFemicide of Julieta Del Pino, in BerabevúAdhered to National Law 27,636They assure that the number has increased since the pandemicIt is in the rural area of ​​Antofagasta de la Sierra and students must rent to be able to studyAn Andean condor was returned to its habitatSenate meeting with industrialistsTeacher conflict in La RiojaToday at 7:00 p.m. with the presentation of singer-songwriter Josho GonzálezThey denounce irregularities and persecution by the Riojan JusticeArgentine Republic |All rights reserved |Privacy Policy |Terms and Conditions© 2000-2022